Concert Tickets

Limited Capacities

Each Concert consists of dancers from a maximum of 50 families per show

The maximum audience size will be 200 people 

(This is approximately a 13% of the “normal” Venetian Theater capacity)

Need help remembering which show your dancer is in? Click Here!


8th Annual Concert Ticket Purchasing Instructions

Priority Ticket Sales

Thursday May 6th 11am – Monday May 17th 10:59am

Given we have a limited capacity for our audience at each show, our Priority Sales is our way of ensuring equal access for each family, up to 4 guaranteed tickets per show their dancer is in. These tickets go on sale Thursday 5/6 at 11am through Monday 5/17 at 10:59am. 

Every ticket that is not purchased during Priority Sales, will then be up for sale in the General Ticket Sales. If you do not purchase tickets during Priority Sales, we CANNOT guarantee tickets for you. General sales tickets will be on a first come, first serve basis for any additional tickets you would like to purchase on top of your original 4.


General Ticket Sales

Monday May 17th 11am – May 26th 10:30am

In order to gather all of the necessary information for contact tracing and more, ticket sales will close on 5/26 at 10:30am. 


How/Where To Buy Tickets

Even though tickets don’t go on sale until Thursday May 6th at 11am, you will each be receiving an individualized email directly from our ticketing sales team at Dance Recital Ticketing with an individual code to purchase your tickets. This email will be resent to you on the morning of concert ticket sales at 9am for your convenience. You will not be able to purchase tickets without this code. Each code will be personalized for each family with an allowance for the appropriate number of tickets dependent on the number of shows your dancer(s) is/are in. 

For example if you have a dancer in 1 show, your code will allow you to purchase up to 4 tickets to 1 show. If you have a dancer (or siblings) in 2 shows, your code will allow you to purchase up to 8 tickets to 2 shows. The system will not allow you to purchase 6 tickets to one show and 2 to another, the system will only allow a maximum of 4 tickets purchased per show.. However the code does not know which show your dancer is in, so please be sure to reference the attached show lists. 

The list of the breakdowns of shows can be found HERE under the Concert Tab of the website

Looking forward to an exciting 8th Annual Concert!