As life long performers, choreographers and educators, we share a wealth of knowledge about the art of dance. The positive fundamentals found within the art of dance, such as time management, commitment, teamwork and discipline influenced and shaped us in and out of the studio. Our duty is to pass that knowledge, along with our passion for the art form, on to our students.

Dancers at Artistry Dance Project will not only be correctly trained in various styles and techniques, but also in its artistry; this is essential to the cultivation of aspiring young artists.

Our focus is to always challenge our dancers to work hard, be the best they can be, and encourage them to follow their dreams. Regardless of their future goals, our commitment to our students remains constant; provide them with a nurturing, hard-working environment that will help positively shape their futures, both in the studio and in life. 


The Children’s Program is dedicated to providing a wonderful first look into the amazing world of dance. Inspiring young dancers imaginations and creativity, the Children’s Program helps grow each dancers confidence through the fundamentals of dance. The beginning years of dance education can be transformative; we take pride in not only what we offer our young dancers but also what each child can gain from their first dance class to their ongoing dance education.


At Artistry Dance Project, we believe we have a class for every dancer. Young ones will feel at home in our Children's Program, offering 5 different styles for Ages 2 through 7. And, for our older dancers 8 through 18, we offer the widest variety of classes to ensure each student has a place to fall in love with the art of dance. 

ADP offers more than 50 classes per week across 10 styles of dance for all ages and all levels. Our staff is more than happy to help place each dancer into the right class to ensure the best learning environment and comfort level for each individual dancer. 



The ADP faculty is overwhelmingly passionate about offering students an unmatched education and experience. We are devoted to providing our young dancers a first class dance experience full of excitement, imagination and creativity. Providing both veteran and novice dancers impeccable training, diversity in dance and attention to detail, ADP helps guide dancers each day to find their own success.  Our younger and older dancers are encouraged and inspired each day to develop teamwork, confidence, leadership and discipline. 

The entire ADP faculty is equally qualified as the best in the business, which comes from years of training and performing, as well as being encouraged to continue their education in their field. This dedication to dance drives our faculty to treat each child’s dance education equally, providing every ADP student with the same top-tier education and ADP professionalism.

For those dancers looking for more than just one class, ADP is proud to offer additional performance opportunities that can fit any level commitment or dance ability. As dancers and educators we understand how integral performing is for any dancers training, and how so many of our dancers yearn for more of the stage experience that they love.

Studio Photos


Five incredible studios, featuring:

Sprung Floors
Marley Floors
Loft-Style Ceilings
Large Viewing Windows
Boys Dressing Rooms
Girls Dressing Rooms
Brand New Restrooms