Where training, discipline and artistry unite to foster an environment where dance is in its truest form.

What They Are Saying

"I have been an Artistry Dance Project dancer since the studio was founded in 2013. Now as a senior company member, I can honestly say that ADP is my second home. The Artistic Directors have established a safe and loving environment where everyone can thrive. The friends I have made at this studio are some of my best friends and I consider all of them my family. Having been at other studios, I can say with certainty that the training here is second to none."

Emi Giuseffi

Dancer - Artistry Dance Project
"So happy to see what you are doing here with your built-in family. This is a happening spot in Pleasantville, and you've added a lot more already. It looks like you will have a rich and great life in Pleasantville. We are delighted to have you and all of these great students that you have that are drawn to this place like a magnet. I have every confidence that both the Village of Pleasantville and beyond will be drawn here to learn more about dance."

Peter Scherer

Mayor of Pleasantville, NY
"Kristina Wozniak, Lori Spada and the entire faculty at Artistry Dance Project have a love and passion for dance in a capacity of unparalleled proportion. Many dancers tend to cower from continued training after crossing the line from performer to educator. The opposite goes for this staff. They are constantly learning, constantly evolving, and continuously putting themselves in the position to grow."

Nick Drago

Los Angeles Based Dancer/Choreographer/Actor
"Artistry Dance Project is host to the largest ribbon-cutting ceremony in Pleasantville to date! Artistry Dance Project is truly a phenomenal space - a great space filled with great people."

Bill Flooks

​President, Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce
"Artistry Dance Project and its Artistic Directors have clearly worked hard to create a positive environment for kids who are interested in the passion for dance. They hire a truly wonderful list of faculty that want to inspire dancers who are just having fun and yet are also capable in helping those who want to make dance a professional career. It was a pleasure to teach at a studio that has clearly created such a warm family atmosphere for their dancers. I very much look forward to coming back to the studio and teaching these hard working and talented kids again."

Sean Rozanski

ADP Master Teacher, Giordano Dance Chicago, Dirty Dance National Tour, The Bodyguard National Tour


Here you go ADP! Miss Kristina has done it again! It’s your 2022 Competition story and the official start to comp season! Who’s ready for COMP?!?! Fall of 2021, and you dancers arrived for the first day of rehearsal ready to TAKE ON THE WORLD. After a summer SO FAR away from each other on THE OTHER SIDE of the worlds, you were ready to GO TO WORK. Week after week, you had the COURAGE to STRUT into the studio you call HOME, and JUMP IN THE LINE, giving it all you got to MAKE IT LOOK EASY. All of that is true unless THE COURSE you had a FEVER, then it was HISTORY REPEATING, as you shook your BOM BOM on zoom from your CASTLE all ALONE IN A CROWD. But you found the SILVER LINING throughout the MADNESS, and still got to dance with all your friends. Months, weeks and DOG DAYS went by, and competition was starting to get our ATTENTION, for now it’s time to show off THE DANCE THAT YOU DO. We know each of your moms will pack up your car, throw in their PURSE FIRST, followed by all THE BEST costumes, make sure their OLD PINE air freshener hangs on the mirror, where they’ll check that they LOOKIN GOOD, FEELIN GORGEOUS, because they’re ready to hit the ROADS. But HOW WILL I KNOW when you have arrived? Because as you each EASE ON DOWN THE ROAD to the parking lot in Long Island, we’re sure we’ll hear the BIG MOUTH on each of you QUEEN BEEs ready to make this PARTY GO BOOM as you approach The Tilles Center.Once all the GIRLS IN THE HOUSE have arrived, it’s time to look all the HATERZ in the eyes and TURN YOU TO STONE. We’ve put in A LITTLE BIT TOO MUCH of all the WOMAN’S WORK (and the boys!) and things COULDN’T BE BETTER, cuz we’re just about ready to hit the stage BURNIN UP. First things first, SALUTE Mr Kevin on your way to the WOMAN’S WORLD dressing room, tell Mr Tommy to REMEMBER ME before you start any warm ups or have any kind of MERMAID PARTY because duh, you're the LIFE OF THE PARTY! Next, tell Ms Lori to do some yoga and BREATHE while Ms Erica helps you get SASSY putting on your ULTRALUMINARY makeup. Facetime Ms Kristina as you start to stretch like the PRODIGY that you are and say I wish you could be here to DANCE WITH ME TONIGHT.Take a bite from your lunch you got from THE DINER for some extra VITALITY on stage, look yourself in the mirror and repeat after me and MY NEW PHILOSOPHY; “ONE GIRL CAN CHANGE THE WORLD and IT’S MY PARTY right now, I’m ready to ROCK YOUR SOUL on stage. Here we go!” Grab your big little, or your twinnie, and BOUNCE WITH ME backstage because it’s time to make all your competition SWEET DREAMS come true. As we watch from the wings, I’M A LADY and I can’t help myself, you can bet you’ll see us cheering and screaming cuz AINT WE GOT FUN all together? We may even FALL FOR YOU to the floor in amazement. After all these months of hard work with MS CARTER AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, we could not be more PROUD. Dance your heart out, have so much fun, and we’ll be there to give you a hug when you run off stage with our ARMS WIDE OPEN! Let’s go ADP! Show em what you got!Leah Furst Alani Lisa Scher Behrman Nicole Browand Alison Muradian Drew Jessica Garcia Shara Dalgin Gordon Julie Connors Grunspan Chari Ilana Megan Schwartz Kadosh Sara Fineman Kamen Jessica Murray Kocher Dana Lawless Meryl Lefkowitz Tara Provenzano-Marques Christie Anne Danielle Debbold Mills Stephanie Maniscalco Pam Fishman Nadan Lynne Gabriel Dina Danielle Nebel Sara Stein Richman Jessica Silver Rogers Laura Schaefer Mary Gaudino Seitz Julie Scott Kristen Seredynski Andrew Tamas Alonna Friedman Travin Donna White Lauren Pestronk Wilner Helena Day Wolins Leigh Fierstein Amster Christine Doyle Corr Michelle Dinenberg Naomi Divine Elyachar Lindsay Berger Finkler Dana Zamir House Stefanie Kleinburd Hayley Brener Kupperman Komal Bhasin-Malik Jean Pincus Carly Richman Sarah Kamin Rosen Tara Graham-Turner Liz Zuckerberg

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Congratulations Reese, this week’s Wow Card recipient! Reese, your focus in ballet has come leaps and bounds! When your teacher found you quietly standing at the ballet barre in first position waiting for class to begin she was blown away. We are so proud of the dancer you have become and we can't wait to continue to see you grow!..#ArtistryDanceProject #ADP #WowCard #DanceLife #DanceTeam ... See MoreSee Less
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Confidence has no competition! ✨..#ArtistryDanceProject #DanceTeam #DanceLove #Competiton ... See MoreSee Less
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Confidence has no competition! ✨..#ArtistryDanceProject #DanceTeam #DanceLove #Competiton ... See MoreSee Less
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Time To Peek Inside studio 4 and see what these Jazz 5 ladies are up to! NICE!!!! 🤩..#ArtistryDanceProject #TimeToPeekInside #DanceLife #DanceStudio #Jazz ... See MoreSee Less
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Reminder! ✨ADP will be closed today, Monday January 17th in observance of MLK Day. All classes will resume tomorrow, Tuesday January 18th. Have a safe and relaxing day! 💕.#ArtistryDanceProject #MartinLutherKing #StudioClosure #DanceTeam #Studio ... See MoreSee Less
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