Concert Arrival Information


Arrival/Dismissal Instructions At

The Caramoor Center For Music And The Arts

8th Annual Concert – June 6th, 2021

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Important Information – All Below Information Updated As Of Sunday May 17th, 2021
The Caramoor and Artistry Dance Project reserve the right to edit/change any of the below information in keeping up with the most up to date CDC and NYS guidelines
  • Your dancer(s) must arrive dressed and ready 30 minutes prior to show time. 
  • Shows will begin promptly on time and will not be held for any dancers/audience members.
  • Seating arrangements in the theater will be first come, first serve 
  • Audience members and dancers must wear face masks at all times except when sitting down to watch the show. 


Address: 149 Girdle Ridge Rd, Katonah, NY 10536 – Look for the ADP sign!



Covid screening and Parking will be in Fox’s Field. Our staff will check all temperatures and show tickets prior to directing you where to park. 

*Handicapped parking will be available near Entry Circle after completing your screening.

*If you do not pass the Covid screening you will be directed off of the grounds.


What to have prepared upon arrival: 
  1. All Show Tickets for all shows you will be attending throughout the day

Each individual by attending the show, is agreeing that they comply with the supplied Covid-19 form. 

**The Caramoor has limited cellular reception – Please be sure to have all tickets downloaded to your phone prior to arrival

Dancer Drop Off:

After parking, you will walk your dancers to Entry Circle where our staff will greet them. Dancers will then be walked by our staff to the Reception tent where they will be organized by class. Our staff will assist them throughout the show, including costume changes. 

All dancers must arrive dressed and ready in their first costume. This includes their dance shoes if weather permits. If your dancer is in more than one dance in any particular show, click HERE for the order of each show. *Sneakers/rain boots are permitted in the case of inclement weather. Otherwise, dancers should arrive in their dance shoes.

Dismissal Cards: To better organize our youngest ADP Dancers, the parents of our 9:30, 11:00 and 12:30 show dancers will receive an arrival/dismissal card for your dancer upon check in. This card will need to be presented back to us after the show to pick up your dancer from the Reception tent.

What your dancer will need:
*Please label all items being sent with your dancer*

All Dancers are allowed one water bottle and a light jacket/sweatshirt if necessary. *Sneakers/rain boots are permitted in the case of inclement weather. Otherwise, dancers should arrive in their dance shoes.

Dancers in 1 class:

Nothing else permitted besides the above listed optional items

Dancers in 2-3 classes:

Their ADP provided Concert Box filled with their additional costume(s) and dance shoes and the above listed optional items

Dancers in 4+ classes:

One bag filled with their costumes/shoes and the above listed optional items

Pre-Ordered Flowers and Unicorns:

Will be available for pick up between Entry Circle and the Theater entrance

Audience Members:

After one parent has dropped off their dancer at Entry Circle, your party will be directed to the Venetian Theater. Seating arrangements are first come, first serve.

*Please maintain social distancing. Do not crowd while entering/exiting the theater.

  • If you are the designated adult to pick up your dancer, you will be directed to the reception tent and must display your dancer’s dismissal card (9:30am, 11am and 12:30pm shows).
  • ALL other audience members not designated to pick up a dancer will exit the theater the same way they entered. 
Show’s Conclusion:

Once the show ends, you will be directed where to meet your dancer. 

9:30, 11:00 and 12:30 parents must have your dancer’s dismissal card in hand.

Dancers In Multiple Shows:

The Venetian Theater will be vacated and cleaned in between each show. Even if your dancer is in back-to-back shows, you will be required to vacate the tent at the conclusion of the show so the venue can be properly cleaned. 

If your dancer is in multiple shows, we encourage you to enjoy the beautiful grounds of the Caramoor. Feel free to pack a picnic and enjoy time with your family. You will have access to the Sunken Garden, Friends Field and the Picnic Lawns.