Dress Rehearsal 2023

Please refer to our 2023 Concert Information By Class for your dancers Dress Rehearsal times


When and where should I arrive with my dancer?

-Dress rehearsal will take place at Artistry Dance Project

-Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your dancers Dress Rehearsal time – we cannot wait for late arrivals

-There are no regular classes on dress rehearsal days


Who will be allowed into ADP on Dress Rehearsal day?

-Each dancer will be allowed two parents or guardians inside the studio. We look forward to welcoming you to enjoy your dancers’ dress rehearsal with them. Our step and repeat will be set up in the lobby so you can be sure to capture all the magic of the day with your dancer!


How should I arrive and what should I bring?

-Dancers should arrive dressed and ready in their costume (their first costume if they have multiple rehearsals on the same day. Their other costume(s) should be in their Concert Costume Box as provided by ADP for dancers in 2-3 dances. For those dancers in 4 or more dances, you can bring 1 bag of your choice)

-Dancers should have their hair and makeup done prior to arrival (makeup is at your own discretion based on age)


Where should my dancer change costumes if they have multiple rehearsals in one day?

Since there are no classes the week of Dress Rehearsals, 3 empty studios will be available for changing, as well as our three bathrooms.